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Caitlyn Jenner's Home 'Weeding Project' Updates Are The Greatest Thing On The Internet

By Mike Walters

Caitlyn Jenner is keeping herself busy during quarantine by doing something that most of us have started to do with s much time on our hands...weeding the yards! But, Caitlyn's Instagram updates on her progress in the yard are the greatest thing ever!

In the past few days, Caitlyn Jenner has decided to invite fans into her home to watch her take care of the household chores -- like vacuuming and cleaning the garage, but now she has set up shop in the yard.

For some reason, the videos are super motivating, and we feel like we now have a lot invested in how her yard turns out!

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The Before 'Weeding Project' Photo!


"Stay busy! The time goes by faster, we’ll get through this!" CJ captioned her first video, where you can see just how overgrown the side yard of her Malibu mansion had become...

So, Jenner started hacking away at the weeds and hearing her describe the yard is a new home makeover reality show waiting to happen!

The next day, she shared a video of the progress, and it is awesome!! "My quarantine weeding project update," she captioned the update video.

In the clip, you can see the entire side of the home is immaculate and there is not one weed anywhere to be found.

The After Shot!

The videos are really motivating for some reason, and fans of Caitlyn agree and are letting her know about it on Instagram.

"You’re so g*****n motivated and motivating. Ever since I was a kid your philosophy is stay busy, stay balanced, and enjoy." Another added, 'Well Done !! Can't wait to see the other side! Love you ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Oh ya, Caitlyn is now taking on the other side of the house!

The best part is that some fans thought CJ said "wedding" instead of "weeding" and thought she was getting ready to tie the know with her girlfriend 23-year-old Sophia Hutchins. "Thought that said wedding and got excited," one person wrote.

Take a look at the videos, for some reason, it is really motivating to get outside and work in the yard.

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