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An Awkward Moment

There was a hullabaloo in the reality TV world when Caitlyn Jenner was on I'm A Celebrity earlier this year. After Jenner was voted off in the December 6th episode, there weren't any members of her family to meet her after she left the jungle. Fans were outraged at the apparent snub, insinuating that the family members were purposely trying to hate Jenner.

Fans were so upset that they were vocal about boycotting Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kylie Cosmetics.

Explaining Their Side

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Various member of the KarJenner family spoke out following the supposed snub, explaining that the team behind I Am A Celebrity never notified them about the option to meet Caitlyn after her time in the jungle and that the entire thing was manufactured.

Jenner's son Brandon told a fan:

"I think it might have been a ‘storyline’ the producers wanted to fabricate in order to get more empathy for Caitlyn. That's how that kind of TV works."

Her step daughter Kim Kardashian agreed:

"NO ONE from I’m A Celeb even reached out and asked for letters, appearances or anything from any Kardashians or Jenners."

Caitlyn Apologized

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz

The confusion and fan backlash got some intense that Jenner ended up apologizing to her kids, she revealed in a new interview with The Daily Mail.

"My family are very well-known. I never asked any of them to come down or expected them to... they all have businesses and families.

I was disappointed they were criticized. After the show was over, I texted or called all the kids to apologize."

Kendall and Kylie also sent "Welcome Home" balloons to Caitlyn's Malibu home for her arrival back, so it's not like the occasion went unnoticed.

Trouble With Khloe

Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg

Jenner also stirred up some trouble in her relationship with Khloe Kardashian after she claimed that the two of them hadn't spoken in 5 or 6 years.

"I started with Brandon, my son. And he said to me, 'Dad, I’ve always been so proud to be your son, but I’ve never been more proud of you than right now.' That was a happy one. The only one that was really — and I still, even to today, can’t quite figure it out — was Khloe.

Khloe, for some reason, was pissed off about something through the whole process. Honestly it’s been five or six years and I really haven’t talked to her since. We were really close. I raised her since she was 5 years old. I don’t know what her issues are, I really don’t know."

Khloe, for her part, was shocked by Caitlyn's claim.

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