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The Horrifying Moment A Man's Bungee Cord Snapped Was Caught On Camera

By Emily Reily

Bungee cords are supposed to be elastic, and catch you as you fall in mid-air. Video has been released of a man whose bungee cord did no such thing during a jump .

1. Jump Occurred In Poland


The man was on a bungee jump in Gdynia, Poland, on July 21 when the cord broke. There were several spectators watching from the ground.

The video shows him being lifted up by a crane. Soon after, he's seen flying out, attached to the bungee cord.

2. He Was Supposed To Bounce Right Back


Things seem to be going well. Everyone likely expected the cord to stay attached to the man's ankles, and that he'd eventually start bouncing up and down as momentum ceased from the jump. But that's not what happened.

3. The Unthinkable Happens


Video shows the cord breaking and the man, in free fall, lands on a large airbag and rolls to the ground. People tend to him for several minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Bungeeclub, the group hosting the bungee jump, later said the man was in "good condition." Bungeeclub is taking a positive stance to the incident:

"The most important - the health of the participant of the unfortunate jump is no serious danger. He didn't break his spine!! After a medical examination at the emergency room, he was considered good."

4. Bungee Jump Service: No Tragedy


Bungeeclub then explained their safety precautions.

"As the only bungee jumping company in Poland we use professional skokochronu - so-called. "Pillows". And it was because of this and our foresightedness that there was no tragedy."

Regardless, he still broke his spine, which sounds really bad. The lesson here: Don't bungee jump. If you're even thinking about bungee jumping, just don't.

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