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Brody Jenner Addresses Murder Of George Floyd -- All Four Officers Involved Should Be Charged

Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano
By Mike Walters

Brody Jenner is outraged at the situation surrounding the murder of George Floyd and agrees with most people that ALL four of the officers involved in his death would be criminally charged.

In a lengthy statement, posted on Instagram, 'The Hills' star expressed his disgust with the 'injustices perpetrated on the black community' and lobbied his followers to stand up together to make the world a better place and effect change.

"It’s so hard to express what I’m feeling right now but I have to try. My heart is so heavy with outrage for the injustices perpetrated on the black community for far too many years," he began.

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'What Happened To George Floyd Was Unconscionable'


He continued, "What happened to George Floyd was unconscionable & can only be categorized as a cruel murder. All four officers involved are complicit and should be charged. My soul is also filled with compassion and empathy for our first responders just trying to do their jobs at an impossible time right now. I feel like we are experiencing the perfect storm for devastation and destruction."

The reality star also addressed the looting and violence that has broken out in the wake of Floyd's murder, saying, "We have been living through an unprecedented pandemic and filled with fear in our isolation from each other. Watching all races & walks of life marching together hand-in-hand with a common purpose gave me such a sense of optimism. That feeling fell apart when I saw people beginning to loot and destroy already hurting businesses."

'All Four Officers Involved Are Complicit And Should Be Charged'

Gettyimages | MARK RALSTON

He continued, "They are in no way representative of the peaceful, intelligent, dignified and respectful protesters trying to implement change. Their actions are totally counterproductive to the noble marchers who were sincere in their effort. That small handful of destructive individuals are acting like terrorists."

"We should feel each other‘s pain as human beings - black and white and everything in between must come together, and united solve the problems of our society. Violence is never the answer. Division is not the answer," he wrote on Instagram.

Jenner ended his post by saying, "Let’s stand together as brothers and sisters and try to make this world a better place. Please."

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