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Britney Spears Sparks Worries With Bizarre Skin-Care Routine Video -- 'I Am So Afraid Again'

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears is setting off alarm bells after posting a bizarre video about her skin care routine, but fans are concerned with the way she looks, and are asking if it is even the pop star herself who is posting the content.

The pop princess shared a video on Instagram, showing her in a similar outfit, with similar background, as many video on her social media. But, in this case, she is worrying fans based on how she actually looks in the video.

"With all of this time on our hands ..... I’m just not sure what facial product to use considering there are so damn many !!!!! My face gets really dry and I need to keep it hydrated 💧💧💧!!!! " the caption read alongside the video.

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See The Pop Star's Bizarre Video...


It continued, "I really miss my oxygen facials I used to get … it’s all about balance and it’s hard because if you over moisturize you can break out !!!!I guess it’s about figuring out your skin type and learning how to balance it out yourself !!! It’s easier said than done of course …. I used to just do my skin care at night but I do in the mornings now as well so who knows …. maybe that will do the trick 😳🙄🤔🤷‍♀️⭐️😂💋👗👠💋 !!!!"

'I Really Hope She Is OK Now!'


Immediately, Britney's die-hard fans pointed out that the video appears to be taken in the past, and it is worrying many of them about her current mental health.

"These videos are all taken a long time ago and they post it on random days... i really hope she's okay now!!! 😭" one person wrote.

Another added, "And again the same video and photo.. she's not okay!"

"Your eyes are telling me something."

After watching the clip, one fans just came right out and said it, "I am scared again, are you ok?" As we reported, many of her fans believed she is somehow being held against her will in the current conservatorship, and think somehow it may be negatively effecting the pop star.

Fans Suggests It Isn't Posted By Spears, Calls For #FreeBritney


Also, many are suggesting it might not even be Britney who is posing some of the content on her page, "THIS ISN'T BRITNEY WHO POSTED, FREEBRlTNEY!!!!!" one person wrote.

It should be noted, the caption for this video does seem to match past IG posts and seems to be written in a similar format.

Britney made headlines earlier this week, after she completely covered her body in henna tattoos, and told fans she went a little 'overboard' with the body art.

'This Is One Of The Creepiest Videos I Have Ever Seen'


"This is one of the creepiest videos I have ever seen 🙄" a concerned fan posted.

But, the pop princess has a loyal following and they are making sure she knows there are here for her, with one saying, "Britney. We love you. You’re not alone. We are all on your side. Always."

As we reported, Britney is still under a personal conservatorship, and a hearing on the matter was postponed after four unauthorized individuals were able to access the private court video system.

See The Video...Below.

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