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Britney Spears Sparks Mental Health Concerns After Posting Bizarre Video

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears just posted a bizarre home video that now has many fans worried about her current mental state.

The pop princess shared a new clip which begins with Spears talking to her fans about the transition from summer to fall -- But, during the video, Britney appears to be in a manic state and is rocking back and forth while delivering a message that many feel is pre-scripted.

The footage which is 'unsettling' to many of her followers and fans have them worried the shakiness in her voice may be a sign that things are not going well for the pop star.

Take A Look...

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"Ok, so yesterday I felt like it was the beginning of Fall, I pulled out all of my jackets, and the next day it was really hot. It was really confusing. Anyhow, this summer has been so much fun for me...I learned so much, I laughed so much, I swam so much," Britney says to the camera.

But, in the footage, Britney looks a bit disheveled, and some believe she may be reading the message from some sort of script.

She continued, "But the most important thing that I did learn is that life has so many spontaneous gifts at each moment. Sometimes we need to slow down and learn how to embrace them all. Anyways, I hope your summer was as good as mine, and God bless you all."

Fans React Strongly To The Video...See Below.

See The Disturbing Home Video...


Scroll To See The Home Video. "Something is definitely off. The way she's rocking back and forth is an anxiety tactic in regards to calming yourself down. She's looking at someone throughout the video, and it seems highly scripted. Something ain't right here," a fan posted.

"Her voice is shaking & it seems like she's reading off a teleprompter or something like that, this is very unsettling for some reason," they continued.

As we reported, the 38-year-old pop princess is in the middle of a huge court battle over her conservatorship. Britney has asked the court to remove her father as a sole conservator of her estate and make much of the details open to the public.

Watch The Video...

'She Looks Scared, It Looks Like She Has Been Crying'


"Brit you look like you haven’t slept for days but trying to look and sound like you are in good spirits and full of energy 😳," is the way on fan described the clip.

Many fans believe she looks like she has been crying in the video.

Interestingly, many of her fans are writing messages to the pop star in the comment section of her Instagram post, hoping she will see they are here for her support. Why? Because she recently made it appear she does read what they are saying...

"Sometimes when I read the comments ….. yup 👍 we all do it sometimes 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄 ….. it shows me how loved I am and how beautiful people really are !!!!!! I mean seriously 😳 though !!!!! Anyhow …. thanks for all your KIND words ….. it means so much to me," she wrote.

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