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Britney Spears Sparks Concern After Posting Dance Video In Minimal Clothing

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears is sparking concerns amongst her massive fan base after posting another video of herself dancing in the living room, in the same outfit, with minimal clothing on.

The pop princess is back at it, sharing sexy dancing videos from inside of her home, but her millions of followers are very concerned either she is having issues, or she isn't really behind posting the video at all.

In the video, Britney is doing some sort of dance routine while wearing tiny shorts and a lacey lingerie-style top. "This is so scary and terrifying," one person said after seeing the video.

Take A Look!

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"Ok ...this is my next project “Just a Touch of Red“ .... get it .... RED ROSE 🌹😜 ??? Ps way more of RED to COME ... my hair will get a little wilder and my body a little sweatier ❤️💋💄 !!! Pss I’m reposting this video because it’s more clear …. and it’s an extended version 😉✨💋!!! Pssss for every 20 pictures I post in this top ….. know that I have at least 100 other pictures in the same top so forgive me with the first 20 !!!!! You know you’ve done it too 😜 ….. I hope you all are doing well 🌹🌹🌹!!!" Britney captioned the video.

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Interestingly, in her caption, Britney seems to explain most of the issues people have with the video, including wearing the same clothing over and over, and her hair and make-up.

But, a few fans are very concerned the REAL Britney wouldn't take so much time to try and explain her natural dancing look.

"This is the most obvious posting that it isn’t actually her lmfao y’all need to hire someone else to run this page cuz the veil is mighty thin," one person wrote.

"They‘re really trying so hard to explain themselves... this is so suspicious," another said.

See Below...

See The Video Sparking Concern...Below!


"This is absolutely not normal," one fan posted.

"If you are in danger, post this video one more time," another added.

If you follow Britney on Instagram, the content and captions are surprisingly consistent, and she appears to be answering the constant questions about her wearing the same shirt dozens of times and why she is dancing in the living room.

So, is there really an issue, or is Britney just having a good time with social media? You be the judge...

BTW -- As we reported, Britney is in the middle of a huge battle over her conservatorship, in which she is attempting to change the person in charge of her estate and minimize her father's control.

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