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Britney Spears SHOCKS Instagram Showing Off Rock Hard Body During Yoga Session!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears just melted down Instagram after sharing a smoking hot video of her at-home yoga routine, and by the looks of it, the exercise regiment is WORKING!!

The pop star shared the video on Instagram, where she began by telling her 24 Million followers this is how she "stays sane" during times of isolation.

What she didn't mention is how RIPPED her body is in the video, and drop-dead gorgeous she looks while doing a simple workout!

You Have To See This!!

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See The Stunning Yoga Video!!


"On days like today where the sun is really not out and we are all staying in...these a couple things that I do to just to stay sane and to balance my self out...I do a little bit of prayer in the morning and I also do a lot of stretching and a little bit of yoga," Britney said before starting the session.

The pop princess proceeds to then get down on the floor of her bedroom and bust out some sexy workout moves!

Of course, she is wearing a crop top and booty shorts, so you can imagine what happens next!!

She Is Ripped!!


Britney breaks out some classic yoga poses and few other work out moves...but she laid dance music over the it actually looks like she is dirty dancing in a nightclub!!

"Take it with a grain of salt ….no judgment whatsoever …. the way to inspire oneself is to go beyond yourself and to take action ….. which is very hard in these self-isolating times !!!!!" she captioned the video, But, it looks like isolation may actually do a body good!!

Ya, It's one of those ones you have to watch a few times!

Britney Keeps Lighting Up Instagram With Hot Shots!


Britney has not been shy about posting hot photos and videos on social media during times of quarantine. In fact, Britney has been lighting up Instagram the whole time!

She even had some advice for all her fans out there..."It’s easier to just chat on the phone and gossip ….. or to play that game where you look at what everyone else is doing and say damn I feel left out …. the simplest of teachings are the best and mine is simply kneeling on my knees in prayer !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!"

Bless You, BS!!

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