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Britney Spears Is Back to 'Normal' Life While Continuing Treatment at Home

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears is leaps and bounds from where she emotionally was weeks ago, and although she is not out of the woods yet, the singer is getting back to her normal routine.

For weeks, a grassroots movement has been accusing Spears' team of holding the "Womanizer" singer against her will, but after being seen around town multiple times since checking out of her treatment facility, she appears to be enjoying her freedom.

A source on Spears' team tells The Blast, "Well, she's certainly out driving and living her life, which is what all of these people who don't understand anything about what's going on with her have been arguing she's not able to do."

While living her life, Spears has been running errands near her home in Thousand Oaks, and also driving around with a chaperone.

After The Blast posted photos of Spears driving and appearing to talk on a cellphone, our source admitted it wasn't the best move, but quipped, "Well, isn't that what A LOT of normal people do on a daily basis, unfortunately?"

Britney Spears Driving

The point being made from Spears' team is that she is living a normal life just like anybody else, and those close to the singer are not giving in to the pressure from the outside critics.

While returning to normal life, we're told Spears will continue to work on her treatment with doctors, but will be able to manage her health while getting back to a regular schedule.

Spears said as much herself the other week when she filmed a video letting her fans know to chill out.

Perhaps just as important as her mental health, is the team of people who have been running the conservatorship for the star since 2008. A judge recently set a hearing for a status update next month, and everything will be presented to the court to allow decisions for the future to continue to be in Spears' best interest.


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