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Britney Spears STUNS Instagram Showing Off Photo Of Her INSANE Body!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears has decided to keep reminding us just how much we need to keep exercising while at home for several weeks, by posting insanely hot photos of her ripped body!!

The pop princess posted a new set of photos where she is sporting a skin-tight floral shirt, just enough so you can see what happens when you put in the hard work.

"Found this flower in the garden today.....kidding of course 😂🌹!!!!" Britney wrote referencing the digital rose in her hair.

You Have To See These Photos!

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See The Stunning Photos!


Britney posted a second set of photos, wearing the same outfit, but this time letting her fans see the WHOLE outfit. And it looks like it is barely holding on!!

The pop princess gave her 24 Million Instagram followers a view of what hard work in the gym looks like! Plus, let's be honest...a bit of this is genetics too! Just look at her sister Jaime Lynn.

This is not the first time BS has melted down Instagram in the past few weeks, she is flooding her social media feed with hot photos!

More Photos Of Britney Spears CRUSHING Instagram!


Britney's fans agree and have taken to her Instagram page to tell her just how much they love her!

"BEAUTIFUL as that Flower 💖👑" one person wrote. "Love you princess ❤️❤️❤️❤️" another added.

A few people pointed out that Britney is known for deleting posts, saying, "let see how long this lasts...before she deletes it." But, let's just hope she leaves this one online!

"Love the flower nice touch 😘🤔" one fan posted.

Bottom line: U could do whatever!!! We follow blindly 😍😍😍

Pop Princess Has Been Melting Down Instagram For Months...


Not everyone has positive things to say about Britney bursting out of her clothing. "Amazing effects on this Britney. Really brings out your eyes babe 💕💕💕" pointing out the black circles around her eyes. We should say, Britney has been sporting that look for months.

"Britney, I hope you’re staying safe," one person said. "I love how uncomfortable your posts always make me feel," another added.

In the past few weeks, Britney has shared other smoking hot pictures from inside her home...and has posted herself doing yoga and hitting the beach.

We on quarantine, post hot photos of yourself!!!

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