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Britney Spears: My Favorite Food Is Chili Dogs!! -- See The Pop Princess Answer Fan Questions!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears answered some hard-hitting questions from her fans including her favorite song, food, and vacation spot -- and you won't' believe some of her answers!

The pop princess posted a video on Instagram where she is reading off questions submitted in her IG comment section and then answers them on camera.

As you can imagine, the video is getting mixed reviews from die-hard Brintey fans including people who are asking if 'she is ok' and if she reads any of the comments about freeing her from the conservatorship.

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See What Is Britney Spears' Favorite Song!!


In the clip, Britney says she gets asked a lot what her favorite song, she says 'my favorite song is Toxic' -- yes, she means her own huge hit!!

As for her favorite non-Britney song, she says "I have no idea what my favorite song in the world is!"

One fan asked where Britney's favorite place to travel is, so she responded, "My favorite places to visit are Hawaii, and Turks and Caicos.

Britney then explained her answer, laying out what is so great about the island.

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What's Britney Spears' Favorite Vacation Spot?!


She continued, "Turks and Caicos is a little more jungley and more tropical, there are not that many people there...its a small island and it basically the cleanest food, the most beautiful ocean, the spa is amazing, and it's my favorite place to visit."

Now, for our favorite question! One fan asked what her favorite food is...which she answered, "it's a chili-hot dog!" Of course, her answer is followed by a little giggle.

Lastly, Britney says "If I had three wishes what would they be," tow which she promptly answers, "For love, happiness, and world supply of designer clothes."

BS captioned the video, "Psss can you imagine a world supply of designer clothes?"

Britney Spears Fans Ask Her To Answer If She Is Ok Or Not?!


The problem with the video is it sparked a ton of fans to question Britney's current mental health, and also since she IS looking at the comments -- if she sees fans messages about 'freeing' her from the conservatorship.

"Our biggest question is are you ok?" one fan posted.

Another added, "Are you okay queen?"

Several other people just went for it and asked, "Girl if you want out of your contract do a peace sign in your next vid. We got you were ready to work."

"Clap 4 times inna new video to let us know somethings wrong," a comment read.

#FreeBritney Resurges After Kanye Announces Presidential Run...


As always, a several fans are just pumped to hear from the pop princess and are delighted to know her favorite song is 'Toxic!'

"YAAAAAAAAS #toxic is what we don't deserve but we have it and we love it!" a fan posted.

"Britney, you Are the most precious person on this planet! We all love you so much!" another added. "You are an absolute angel, thank you for sharing."

As we reported, there has been a resurgence of #freebritney after Kanye West announced he was running for president. Many pointed out Kanye's hospitalization and not being under any conservatorship, as an indication someone should re-look at Britney's case.

Either way, many agreed with this fan, "Please answer questions for us every day! You are so interesting we have so much to learn from you, Queen B!"

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