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Britney Spears Does The Splits Like a Boss in Workout Video

By Whitney Vasquez

Britney Spears is as flexible as Gumby because she's still able to do the splits at 37 years old LIKE A BOSS!

The fitness queen shared several photos and video on social media from a recent gym trip in which she says "my legs were shaking" because of the workout.

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Gimme More!


The "Work Bitch" singer shared her warm-up before her actual workout which consisted of stretching and the splits.

Britney, who recently went back to blonde after dying her hair brunette, was working on her booty and arms during her day at Equinox, but all seemed to be perfectly plump already.

Work, B---!


Britney shared a photo showcasing herself lifting to which she said she's only "done it one other time."

Describing how she was intimidated to go for the bar with so many people around, the singer said it wasn't until a stranger gave her encouragement that she felt strong enough to go for it.

"That one guy changed my whole day because he believed in me for literally two seconds," Britney wrote. "If you're out there in this big world today I thank you for telling me to go for it."

Sam Likes It!


Her fitness beau, Sam Asghari, was quick to comment on Britney's workout post.

"My girls [sic] getting it," he wrote.

The couple recently showcased their love at the Daytime Beauty Awards, where she debuted her brunette hair and supported her man who was being honored for his fitness guru lifestyle.

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