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Britney Spears' Dad Wants to Spread Conservatorship Control to Other States

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears' dad just made a move in her conservatorship case by asking a judge to extend the reach of control outside of California, and the move could have some seriously interesting implications.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Jamie Spears filed a notice Tuesday to register the conservatorship in states outside of California.

The document states that Jamie wants the conservatorship to be noticed in Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii, but it does not give an explanation as to why.

Sources close to the conservatorship tell The Blast, Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii are the three states Britney travels to the most, and he most likely wants to make sure she is well cared for wherever she goes.

Our source close to the conservatorship stresses the filing is routine and not connected to the recent drama going on with Britney.

However, Britney regularly travels to Hawaii, especially during the summer, and it's possible while she gets her body in bikini shape, Jamie is thinking about keeping his daughter under control, even if she decides to take a vacation.


Louisiana and Florida make sense as Britney and her family have property in both states.

There is one other interesting move that Jamie may be trying to prevent. If someone were to contest the conservatorship in another state, or perhaps file a new one, the court in that state would be forced to acknowledge California's order.

Sources close to the conservatorship tell us they have no reason to believe anyone is filing a conservatorship in another state, however the timing does seem interesting.

As we reported, the conservatorship is currently under a microscope as the judge in California has ordered a probate court investigator to take a hard look at the entire team, including Jamie.

Britney is also ordered to undergo an evaluation to determine if the restraints on her conservatorship should be loosed at all.


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