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Britney Spears Conservatorship Planning to Extend Its Control to Several New States

By Daniel Goldblatt

The team behind the Britney Spears conservatorship is making moves to try and extend their control over the singer to eight new states and Washington D.C.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jamie Spears filed documents in the conservatorship on Wednesday, saying he "intends to register the Orders appointing Mr. Spears as Conservator of the Person and Estate, as well as his Letters of Conservatorship, with states outside of California, in accordance with each 0f the states’ required procedures."

The states in question this time are Alabama, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia.

As The Blast first reported, Jamie Spears filed documents in May to extend the conservatorship to Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii.

We're told those are the three states Britney travels to the most and Jamie most likely wants to make sure she is well cared for wherever she goes.

In June, Jamie officially filed the documents in Louisiana to confirm the long-time California conservatorship in the state.

This type of case is called an interdiction-curatorship; in Louisiana law, "interdiction" means the "removal of the right to care for one’s own person and affairs."

Jamie is the "curator" and Britney is seen as the "interdicted person," per the law.

Attached to the legal case are copies of a large portion of the Los Angeles conservatorship filings.

Interestingly enough, Jamie has yet to announce plans to file documents in Nevada. It's very clear that members of Britney's team, including Jamie, do not believe she will be able to resume her Las Vegas shows.

If Britney was toying with the idea of picking up the pieces from her "Domination" residency, it would have made sense to include Nevada as a state to recognize the conservatorship.

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