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Britney Spears Sparks Mental Health Concerns After Speaking With A British Accent

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears has many worried about the current state of her mental health after the pop star posted a video on social media where she is back to using a British accent.

If you have followed Britney's conservatorship case, you know at her lowest point, she was using the British accent while talking to photographers and was heard using it after being committed to a Los Angeles Psych Ward.

Britney posted a video to Instagram today, where is describing and showing her fans just how loud the birds are inside the Maui zoo.

She captioned the video, "I’ve never heard something so loud before in my life …. I felt like I was in a zoo !!!!! Such a cool day !!!! PS if you’re a bird then I’m a bird too …. pssss I get to be loud too wheeeee !!!!!"

Britney Spears Uses British Accent In New Instagram Video, Sparks Concern


But, towards the end video, she jokingly gets loud too and yells... "They're so loud!"

The problem is that she switches to a British accent for the last part and it has may concerned about her current condition and has some worried about the last time she used the accent.

Back in 2008, when Britney Spears was committed to UCLA's Psych Ward for evaluation she was primarily speaking in a British accent. At the time, law enforcement sources told TMZ, Britney was speaking "almost entirely in a British accent the night she was committed."

Britney Used British Accent While Hospitalized At UCLA

Gettyimages | Chris Wolf

Plus, while hospitalized, Britney made two calls from inside the unit where she was heard screaming on the phone about her father becoming the conservator of her estate. On the call, in a heavy British accent, Britney was heard saying "I'm so sick of all of this they can have the goddamn house and stick it up their f***ing asses. Actually, no they can't."

She continued to yell in the accent at the top of her lungs, saying, "Nobody's taking my house. Who is my family?" At the time, she didn't want her parents near her home and vowed to fight them in court.

As we reported, eventually Britney agreed with the conservatorship and had been in it for over 10 years.

Fans Concerned For Her Mental Health After Speaking In Accent

Gettyimages | GABRIEL BOUYS

Fans immediately took to Instagram to point out the accent, and are worried about her current well-being.

"That accent..Is she ok?" one fan wrote, with another saying, "Her voice sounds so different than it used too."

"BRITISHNEY IS BACK!!!" another fan responded.

You can tell inside the comment section on the video, some remember Britney using the accent, and some are a bit confused by it.

"I love you I really do but what’s up today...Invented British accents" fans said. Another added, "what is that voice she’s using?"

The good news is that Britney is currently undergoing rigorous testing inside of her conservatorship case, and an L.A. judge will decide who will be her conservator and if she needs one. As a part of the case, they will take her current medical condition into consideration. The case is due back in court in April.

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