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Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Collects Hate After 'Offensive' Chunky Boy Post

By Whitney Vasquez

Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari is facing major backlash after referring to himself as a “chunky boy” and posting a before shot showing him prior to his weight loss. The “Toxic” singer’s fitness fanatic babe shared a snap of himself when he was at his highest weight. He then poked fun at himself by saying he was “a former member of the ‘chunky boy friendzoned club.’” While Sam Asghari continued to tell his journey about going from “close to obese” to the muscle man he is today, his message didn’t go over so well with fans.

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His 'Chunky Boy' Post:


Posting a few throwbacks from his heavy set days and some gym snaps of what he looks like in the current day, Britney Spears’ boyfriend explained his love of cheesecake and Taco Tuesday before realizing he was “a victim of Self sabotage,” and “decided to change my lifestyle all around.” Encouraging others to be like him, Sam Asghari ended his lengthy rant by stating, “As I witness relentless hard work will take you to the moon if you like it to, I tend to work even harder.” The Grammy winner’s man’s message did not come loud and clear to fans who immediately began bashing the influencer over his post with many calling it offensive.

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Fans Slam Sam!


“Please, you really should find another way to advertise your brand. This is offensive. You stuffing your face back in the days doesn’t mean every fat person is doing so, and they might be potential clients. Plus you can be big and do great things,” one person wrote, adding,”This is not laughing at yourself, it’s laughing at a past version of yourself that you hate, and it shows.” But Sam Asghari didn’t sit back and just take him.

He responded to the hater by commenting, “who said I hated myself back then? Also this is not an advertising what so ever. A lot of people that struggler with weight find it intimidating to even start, this is just showing you shouldn’t take it seriously and just simply start.”

Sam Responds:


When another angry person fired back by writing, “Im fat and my life is great jerk. 🤣,” Britney Spears’ boyfriend commented, “nobody said my life sucked when I stuffed cheese crust pizza😂.” While some fans thought it was funny that he chose to give them the time of day, others instructed him to stop. “don't respond to trolls,” one follower wrote. “You aren’t helping yourself by responding,” a second added. At the time of this post, Sam Asghari has yet to apologize for his “chunky boy” post.

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