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Britney Spears' Boyfriend, Sam Asghari -- See The SHOCKING Before & After Photos!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears is in a long-term relationship with a guy named, Sam Asghari, and although not a lot is known about the pop princess' man, he just shared before and after shots of himself starting when he was in high school, and you will be SHOCKED at the transformation to what Britney's beau looks like now!

In the photos, Sam posted several side-by-sides of himself in a football uniform and hanging out when he was younger, next to photos of him now where he is absolutely jacked!!

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See The Stunning Side-By-Side Photos...


Britney's beau shared a message about getting in shape and body image to anyone struggling to get in shape.

"When I look back I see alot have changed, a lot! One fact that nobody talks about is when’s someone is good looking enough they don’t really need much of a personality to attract friends, the opposite sex, or in general people. When you have some extra beef on ya like I do on the left you need a lot of personality to attract people around you otherwise your life will be as empty as your dinner plates 😂" he captioned the photos.

Look At The Difference!!!


He continued, "My point is the group of people that are judged like minorities, extra weight people, LGBTQ community and so on are the funniest people and have the best energy! Am I wrong? 💪🏽😂🙏🏽 people that are blessed with great looks all their lives tend to be very boring 👎🏽 convince me otherwise I’ve been on both side of the ball! From fat to fit! The only thing that changed was the Doritos/oreo combo while playing video games."

Asghari does not mention the recent stories about his GF Britney Spears and her mental health condition, but many of his/her fans are thanking him for "taking care" of her while she is going through the issues.

Britney And Sam Are Going Strong, Despite The Issues...


"Thanks for the support of the LGBTQ community bud and for taking care of Brit," one fan wrote.

Another added, "Thank you for being a true inspiration and role model! And thank you for taking good care of Britney! We love you both!!"

Britney and Sam were spotted this week vacationing in Santa Barbara, CA at the Four Seasons Resort -- where Britney has been staying for a few days.

As we reported, many people have become concerned in the past few weeks about Britney's current mental state. But, it seems she is happier and feels safer with Sam by her side.

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