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Britney Spears' Hot Boyfriend Was In Fifth Harmony's 'Work From Home' Video?! -- See It Here!

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears' boyfriend, Sam Asghari found his work as a trending topic on social media this week, but not because of his relationship with one of the most famous people in the world, but it turns out he was in the 'Work From Home' video by Fifth Harmony!!

You can guess why the words 'work from home' are trending right now, but of course, it is also a very catchy tune by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Sam revealed the shocking connection on Instagram, telling the world, he is actually the smoking hot dude that begins the video holding a bag of concrete.

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Check Out Britney Spears' Boyfriend In The Video!


Britney's BF posted a clip of himself in the music video, with the caption, "I find it funny that every project I was involved with in 2016 predicted this (stay at home) phase 😂 work from home from fifth harmony is trending now 👍🏽 stay home people 🙏🏽 this shall pass 💪🏽 also now you can have a lot more slumber parties."

The revelation lit up social media, with many fans of both Britney and Fifth Harmony blown away that Sam is in the video!

"OMG that i didnt know that u are the guy on that video!" one person wrote. Another added, "Damn bro didn’t even k is that was you lol good stuff man..."

"Omg that was you? Hott!" one fan posted

That's Right! Sam Asghari Is The Hot Construction Worker!


Britney is not shy about how hot her boyfriend is on social media, and has regularly posted photos of the couple, even a few shirtless ones!

"I adore and love him so much," the pop princess said lovingly after posting the two in each other's arms. Britney's fans seem to love the relationship with many of them posting things like, "I find it ironic it was the year you met Britney and we are now seeing the stars line up in her favor."

Even though this video is from years ago, Sam looks even better now! "When God has created you he clapped himself hands," one person reacted when seeing the music video!

As for things happening to Sam that seem to come true, we would have to agree with this person, "If you could start working on projects that are about world peace and me winning the lottery, I’d appreciate it in 2024."

Check Out The Whole Video!

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