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Britney Spears Bikini Photo Sparks New #FreeBritney Movement

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears is stuck in a Groundhog's day of bikini photos after the pop star posted another photo of herself in her grandmother's bathing suit, and the latest picture has sparked a new round of cries to #freebritney. Plus, this time she included her shirtless boyfriend in the shot.

"Red is my favorite color 👠👠👠👠 !!!!!" Britney captioned the new picture. The 'Toxic' singer shared a photo from the same set of her wearing an all-white vintage bathing suit she says was owned by her grandmother.

Britney has flooded her Instagram account with the same set of photos for days now, and it has sparked new concern from the #freebritney movement.

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Same Bikini, Same Red Background, New Shirtless Boyfriend...


In the newest photo, Britney has included her shirtless boyfriend, Sam Asghari, but she is wearing the same bathing suit and it has the same red background.

As we reported, many fans are concerned for Britney's current mental state and feel that the duplicate postings maybe a cry for help.

Almost immediately, the #freebritney movement members commented on the photo, simply saying "freebritney" -- but, it's clear not much else needs to be said. Many of its supporters believe Britney is locked in the conservatorship and in some cases trapped at home for long periods of time, and the pictures are her reaction to the situation.

New #FreeBritney Movement Sparked By Repeated Pictures


Let's make one thing clear, Britney Spears is smoking hot in the photos, and Sam is as ripped as they come...but that is not what most people are reacting too after seeing the pictures.

"Seems like I’ve seen this picture somewhere..." one fan wrote after seeing the photo from a similar set and background.

Another added, "Oops...she did it again! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Her posts are giving me major Groundhog Day vibes. I’m concerned."

But, many started to post messages with clear concern for her well-being and are letting their voices be heard.

"Y’all can’t seriously look at these posts and tell me that there’s nothing wrong," one upset fan posted.

Fans Are Concerned Over The Bizarre Behavior...


Britney just arrived back from a vacation in Maui where she shared several bikini and beach shots, but it's the video of that trip that had many fans discussing her current situation.

As we reported, Britney used an English accent in the video, which is something she did when right before she was hospitalized in 2008.

"I'm not trying to be funny. I'm seriously concerned. Her behavior is very bizarre. Oh dear god with these duplicate photos. Can you just let Jayden run your account?" one post read.

Bottom Line: The conservatorship is back in court next month, but the hearings are private, so at this point, all the anyone can do is keep supporting her and posting their feelings on social media.

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