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British 'Plastic Surgery Ambassador' Gets Shut Down By 'Botched' Doctors

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By Jeff Mazzeo

Almost every story on "Botched" ends with a happy ending but not every happy ending involves going under the knife. Sometimes the individuals that Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow turn down are the most interesting characters on the planet.

The public was introduced to Aimi from East Sussex, England on Monday's episode of the hit show. She traveled to Los Angeles to push the envelope of plastic surgery after several previous operations.

"I live and breath plastic surgery," she said. "I've had botox, I've had boobs, I've had BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). I suppose you can call me the plastic surgery ambassador."

Does She Think She Looks Like Kim K?

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Aimi revealed that she had lots of operations from head to toe, including operations on her eyes, nose, teeth, breasts, liposuction, and two previous butt lifts, but the British bombshell is not quite satisfied.

"I want the perfect hourglass figure." Aimi exclaimed, "tiny waist and a big butt. Just like Kim Kardashian. [I] think she's amazing, I want to be her."

During her consultation, Aimi asked the doctors which celebrity she looks like. She thinks she looks like Kim because they have similar figures. Doctors Nassif and Debrow were stumped despite a few hints from Aimi and her friend.

Dubrow expressed his confusion to the "Botched" cameras, "Do I think Aimi looks like Kim Kardashian?" Dr. Dubrow asked himself before quickly answering, "No!"

She Has Sugar Daddies


While Dr. Debrow was making horrible English jokes and making the scene awkward, Aimi revealed that despite the stereotype, she prefers wine over tea. She also admitted to having multiple sugar daddies that paid for her surgeries in the past but her husband is cool with it.

"It is expensive to look like this and I've had a few sugar daddies over the years," Aimi declared. "My husband doesn't care. It stops him from having to pay for it, doesn't it? He gets the benefits, win-win situation."

Her Surgery Is A No Go

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Aimi told Dubrow that they removed the fat from her stomach and back and injected it into her butt for the first BBL and that she was able to gain weight to get the second procedure done. Since then, she noticed that she started gaining weight in strange areas.

"My fat is coming back in different places. I've never had that before. My nun!" Aimi said.

She explained that "nun" or "nunny" is English slang for vagina. Just to hammer the point home, she made it clear that her vagina has gained weight.

Dr. Dubrow said her body did something called "redistribution," which he then explained.

"There are basically two types of fat," the doctor noted, "there's the body fat and then there's visceral fat."

"Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your organs," Dubrow continued. "The problem is your visceral fat compartment is now your primary fat area. Meaning, if you gain weight, it goes right to the dangerous fat storages around your body organs."

After the doctors performed their exam of the English surgery hopeful, they ended up crushing her dreams of a higher, more protruding backside but convinced her it was the best move health-wise.

Dubrow suggested that she should focus on diet and exercise and not look to the quick fix. Ultimately, she was not a suitable candidate for surgery due to the danger of "redistribution."

There is a new episode of "Botched" next Monday at 10 p.m., on E!

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