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Bristol Palin's Son Kills First Black Bear During Alaskan Hunting Trip, Plans On Making Hot Dogs

By Gary Trock

Bristol Palin's son bagged his first black bear during a hunting trip with the reality star's ex, Levi Johnston.

10-year-old Tripp just returned to civilization from a camping and hunting trip with his father and stepmom, Sunny Johnston.

The former "Dancing With the Stars: Juniors" contestant could be seen posing with the dead black bear after the successful hunt, and was smiling wide while his stepsister held up one of the bear's lifeless paws.

Sunny took to Instagram to congratulate the young man on the hunt, writing, "[Levi] got Tripp on his very first black bear!"

She added that the bear, "will make the best organic hot dogs and a warm blanket or rug."

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Of course, there were comments of outrage, like one woman who wrote, "This is absolutely disgusting what is wrong with you! A bears fur is for the god damn bear not a blanket or a rug. Horrible people."

However, most people congratulated Tripp and applauded the Alaskan family for being responsible hunters.

"I love that you use all the parts of the animals you hunt," one person wrote.


Tripp was also seen posing with Levi after taking down a Moose during the trip, and then later posing with the stripped down animal, and appearing to take a bite out of its heart.

Levi Johnston's wife was quick to shut down any negativity regarding their family's activities, and defended their hunting lifestyle.

"I have to laugh at people calling hunting 'disgusting and wrong' while they enjoy their burgers, steak and leather hand bags," she wrote.

She added, "While eating organic meat is important to us, we look forward to hunting trips every year and the animal harvest is just a small part in why. We fully embody all of nature and family time while out there. There’s no WiFi or cell service- only time with loved ones."


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were together from 2005 - 2010, and their relationship was followed by the public during Sarah Palin's run for Vice President.

Bristol gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin just after her 18th birthday in December 2008.

In March 2009, she ended her engagement to Levi, and the two were entangled in a bitter custody dispute over child support. They were able to work it out in the end, and have been amicably co-parenting ever since.

Levi married his wife, Sunny, in 2012 and they have three daughters.

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