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Brie Larson Belts Out Ariana Grande Song And Shreds On The Guitar

By Jeff Mazzeo

Who knew that Brie Larson was a huge Ariana Grande fan! Well, Captain Marvel fanatics probably knew but regardless, she can really sing!

The actress showed off her angelic voice on Thursday and performed a beautiful cover of Grande's song, "Be Alright." She looked cute in a pink halter top and a strand of her blonde hair gently swung in front of her face as she played. How adorable!

Let's not forget how sweet her guitar is... guitar nuts would be livid if we misidentified it but just because we are not aficionados doesn't mean we can't appreciate how cool it looks and sounds.

Keep scrolling to give her a listen.

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'Be Alright'


“'Be Alright' by @arianagrande 🌼," Brie simply captioned the awesome video.

Her millions of followers were so thrilled that their fan love for Ariana and Brie collided that they sounded off in the comments.

"you singing ari... my life is now complete," one die-hard fan wrote, while another said, "a voice of an ✨angel ✨."

Karlie Kloss sent love in the form of a crown 👑 emoji.

"If only you know how much joy this brought me today," a fourth follower stated.

Cover Lover


This isn't the first time that Larson revealed herself as a cover lover. She did a beautiful rendition of the popular Ariana Grande song, "God is a Woman," last year.

While it's clear that she is an Arianator but her love for music goes much deeper than many fans even knew. Before playing the iconic character, Captain Marvel, she was in a band and was even signed to a record contract. The star even went on tour with Jesse McCartney so yeah, she's super legit.

Her Memorable 'Scott Pilgrim' Moment


Larson has been acting since she was a child but her cameo in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is special because she is credited for the songs she sings in the film. She absolutely crushes her performance of "Black Sheep" by the movie band, Clash at Demonhead. Plus, we totally loved her hairstyle in the film.

In 2005, she released her debut solo album titled, "Finally Out of P.E." Billboard described the music as "a pop-punk collection of brightly melodic songs that were equal parts Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch."

To sum it all up, Brie can act, sing, write lyrics, play the guitar, and save the universe in a kick-a** superhero movie... it's time to step our game up so we can get on her level!

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