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'The Hills' Star Brandon Lee Opens Up About Depression After Watching 'Joker' Movie

By Jeff Mazzeo

"The Hills" star Brandon Lee was so moved by the Todd Phillips' movie, "Joker," that he decided to open up his depression and anxiety.

The famous son of Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the film and find out more ways to become involved with mental health.

"The 'Joker' film hit the nail on the head," Brandon wrote, "I hope people realize how much we constantly torment people with mental illness in this country."

The MTV star continued to outline what issues he believes the United States is suffering from.

"We tease them in our schools, outcast them as adults, and we are SURPRISED when people lash out in an extreme fashion??" Lee said.

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Brandon Opens Up


Brandon explained that the country is not doing enough for the current mental health crisis and then flipped the microscope on himself.

"I've dealt with depression and anxiety my entire life and I've been lucky enough to be able to afford treatment for that," Lee said. "It's not fun, and untreated.... It doesn't get better."


Brandon continued, "You feel alone, helpless, and like there is no way out. You feel like you are drowning."

"Those sort of feelings can push someone to do anything. It's a dangerous game we are playing." the MTV star wrote.

Lee ended his message with a call to action, "We pill everyone up and don't deal with this! It cannot end well. We need to do better!"

Mixed Reviews


"Joker," starring Joaquin Phoenix, has drawn mixed reviews and harsh criticism.

Some critics have speculated that the film could inspire mass shootings and violence. Others have hailed the movie as a roadmap to how society can create extremists, therefore showing the audience how to prevent and recognize early signs.

The film broke records for having the biggest October opening weekend ever, taking in $96 million.

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