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'Thelma & Louise' Started It All For Pitt


Brad Pitt and George Clooney are both megastars, but there was one role they both tried out for that ended up being a bit of a wedge in their friendship.

It goes back to the 1991 movie Thelma & Louise. Both tried out for the same role: J.D., a hitchhiker and robber who gets close with Geena Davis' character.

He Almost Didn't Make It


Becky Aikman, author of the book “Off The Cliff: How the Making of ‘Thelma and Louise’ Drove Hollywood to the Edge," wrote about how the movie's director, Ridley Scott, originally passed on Pitt for the job as J.D.

"Ridley [Scott] thought he seemed too young. They moved on,” Aikman wrote.

One More Chance


Cheatsheet says that Billy Baldwin originally got the part, but dropped out, giving Pitt another shot.

But apparently Davis had a tough time memorizing her lines, given that she had to perform them in front of Brad Pitt.

Davis spoke about it to Vanity Fair several years ago.

“I did fine with the first few guys [who auditioned] but the last one [Pitt] was so cute I kept messing up my lines. I’m dying because I’m thinking, ‘He’s great, and I’m ruining his audition.’ I kept saying, ‘I’m so sorry!’

But he’s so chill: ‘Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s all good.’ “

He Still Became Danny Ocean


George Clooney also tried out for the role, but he apparently didn't come close to Pitt in terms of performance. In 2011, Clooney talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the role, and how much he was bothered that he didn't get the part.

“The funniest thing is, I didn’t watch that movie for a long time. I was really stuck doing a lot of bad TV at that time… I just couldn’t watch that movie for a couple of years.”


But when he finally did watch Thelma & Louise, he could tell that the moviemakers made the right choice.

“When I saw it, I thought actually that was the right choice. He was really good in it, and I would have f—ed it up somehow," Clooney said.

In fact, he left such a non-impression on Geena Davis that she forgot he auditioned with her.

“I was sitting on a plane next to George Clooney a couple years ago. He says, ‘I’m still mad at Brad Pitt.’ I said, ‘Why, I thought he was like your great friend.’ He says, ‘He got the part in ‘Thelma & Louise.' I said, ‘Did you want to be that part?' ”

“He was one of the other guys that read with me! I should never have just admitted I forgot George Clooney!” she said later.

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