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Can ‘Botched’ Doctors Help This Upgraded Reality Star Twerk After Injections?

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By Jeff Mazzeo

“Botched” is back and one twerker shook things up in a big way... at least she wanted to but can't so she sought out the help of the good doctors.

Brittanya O'Campo is an Instagram model and reality star who is best known for appearing on “Charm School” and “Rock of Love." However, this time she is hitting the silver screen to see if Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow can make the junk in her trunk rattle around a little bit more.

”I can’t twerk,” she exclaimed.

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Hydrogel injections caused her plump rump to become “too hard.” Frustrated that she is unable to make it “pop” properly, she came to Hollywood seeking the help of the “Botched” doctors.

"Twerking is just like my goal in life,” she said. “Like, I’ve accomplished so much and that’s just my last goal.”

Brittany proceeded to demonstrate for Dubrow and Nassif how the popular dance move works or rather how it doesn’t work.

"It doesn’t jiggle and it sucks because on social media people are always like, ‘you have a nice butt, too bad you don’t know how to shake it.’

Don't Mess With Success

E! Entertainment

Sadly, or thankfully depending on how you look at it, Dr. Dubrow told her to leave her lovely lady hump alone because, overall, her backside is pretty good condition compared to other Hydrogel patients he has seen. The doctor told her if it ain't broke, don't fix it... especially if she's making money off it online.

"My career means everything to me," Brittanya told the confessional camera. "I appreciate everyone who supports me so I don't want to let them down at any point.

"If this is too much of a risk, I'm not gonna take that risk," she concluded.

A new episode of "Botched" airs every Monday on E!.

All She Does Is Win

Brittanya recently reminisced about her past and her appearance of "Rock of Love" over a decade ago. She boasted about her winning mentality and being successful by using what you got and forgetting about what you don't have.

.... I told you it would be ok😂 said this 10yrs ago. I don’t know proper grammar, how to spell, my seasons, my past presidents. Yet, I have so much residuals coming in, my kids lives are set and I can retire if I want... But everyday I wake up feeling broke, like I’m still at Day-1. Guess that’s how I got super successful just act as if you’re still broke🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s still a habit to take all the toilet paper & tissues from hotels when I leave🧻 & Buy candy at the .99 cent store before the movies and ask for extra condiments to use at home. See I told you I’m a catch and being a little bit not to smart was ok😂," she wrote on social media.

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