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Which Kardashian Backside Do Patients Ask 'Botched' Dr. Terry Dubrow For The Most?

By Jeff Mazzeo

"Botched" doctor Terry Dubrow has solved countless plastic surgery mysteries but he finally cleared up who has the most requested asset. The reality star doctor, who shares "Botched" duties with co-star Dr. Paul Nassif, told Hollywood Life that one of the Kardashian sisters has the most sought after backside among all his patients.

If you watched as many episodes of the graphic show as we have -- and we have seen a lot of horrific scenes -- then the answer might not come as a surprise to you but here's a hint: He didn't say KarJenner.

"Well, I mean, they- I mean Kim,” Dr. Dubrow said when HL asked him which celeb do people want to look like. “Buttocks for sure. She has kind of created a new kind of buttock aesthetic, and they ask you for the Kim kind of look.”

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Plastic Surgery Trendsetters?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Dr. Dubrow probably owes a lot of credit to Kim Kardashian for keeping his waiting room full but he claims Kylie Jenner has started pulling her weight too.

“I think whatever the Kardashians do, whether Kylie doing lip filler or the way the Kardashians look, moves the needle plastic surgery wise,” Dubrow said to Hollywood Life.

“They sort of are the cosmetic or aesthetic Marilyn Monroe’s of our era, where everybody sort of wants to look like that. You know what I mean? So whatever they’re looking like, whatever they’re emphasizing in either their clothing or their makeup, or whatever they’re doing, becomes the new cosmetic aesthetics that patients now come to plastic surgeon’s office, asking for.”

Does the "Botched" doctor think Kim has had any plastic surgery?

“I have no idea if Kim’s done anything,” Dubrow said. “I don’t even think so. I have no idea. But I’m just saying, Kim, the way she dresses, emphasizes her assets.”

Come on, did you really think the Dr. is going to comment on the star of the E! network ("Botched" is also on E!)?

A Butt That He Couldn't Even Fix

E! Entertainment

We're sure other surgeons are capitalizing on the Kardashian body craze too but many of the challenges Dr. Durbrow faces are done illegally or by a bad doctor. He often has patients that he cannot help because the procedure is too dangerous or, in the case of potential patient Courtney, he has no idea what to do.

Courtney came to Los Angeles after getting several injections in her buttocks and not even she knows what is in there. A woman performed the injections illegally and claimed the lumpy substance beneath her skin was Hydrogel but who the hell knows.

In the end (sorry for the bad pun), the only thing the doctors could come up with was a full butt amputation and neither Courtney nor Dr. Dubrow were cool with that.

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