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'Botched' Doctor Terry Dubrow Fixes A Double-Stacked Implant Nightmare

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By Jeff Mazzeo

Doctor Terry Dubrow could not believe that a surgeon would "double-stack" breast implants but that was the case for his patient Brittany on Monday's episode of "Botched." She came to Los Angeles to meet with Dubrow and his co-star, Dr. Paul Nassif, to see if they could fix the mess she got herself into got onto herself.

She explained that a different doctor put in large implants under her muscle but she was forced to seek out another surgeon when she suffered a complication. Since she was going under the knife, she wanted to go bigger. She was insistent on the size of 1300 CCs but the largest implants are only 800 CCs. Her new doctor got a little too creative and put two implants in each breast to achieve the desired size.

"I just feel like it's my dark little secret," Brittany told the confessional camera. "It makes me feel embarrassed and I am very desperate to leave this very poor choice behind me."

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Dr. Dubrow Fixed The 'Botched' Job

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The doctors were insistent that it is a big no-no to double-stack implants and explained that the silicone implants come with explicit instructions to never do so. He asked Brittany to join him in the consultation room so he could devise a plan to fix her up.

"We can take 'em all out, put a new pair in and do some type of lifting procedure which means scars," the doctor told her in the nicest way possible.

Brittany was seriously concerned about scarring but Dr. Dubrow told her that he would not give her vertical incisions unless he absolutely had to in order to keep the scars to a minimum.

Mid-surgery, Dr. Dubrow noted that the previous surgeon should not have used four implants but said that he stuffed them all in with a "creative" method. Brittany had one implant under the muscle and one on top. The previous surgeon sewed in a "giant amount of cadaver skin" to hold the two separate implants in place and repeated the process on the other side.

Although the he was impressed, he took all four old implants out and replaced them with one implant per breast. She went from 1300 CCs in each breast down to 800 CC which left her with a very ample bosom.

She's Happy With The Smaller Results

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Brittany was extremely happy with the results of her downsize and celebrated her new body with a hike with her husband. Her husband was blown away when she showed up with her new figure proudly displayed in athletic clothes.

"I look a million times better and I can definitely tell that they're actually where they're supposed to sit," she happily declared after she healed.

It is amazing that the "Botched" doctors were able to help her because they often turn down patients when the surgeries are too risky or dangerous.

Tune in "Botched" Monday at 10/9c to see who the surgeons help next week.

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