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Here's What Happens If You Don't Take a Shower For Two Days

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By Emily Reily

A large number of us are working from home these days, so that we don't risk catching coronavirus. But that also means that maybe sometimes we decide to skip the shower for the day. After all, you're just sitting around, right? What's the point?

Bustle looked into it, and found that while it's okay to not take a shower for a day or two, letting your body go unwashed could lead to uglier things.

According to Dr. Aishah Muhammad, we're bombarded by those little things called bacteria every day.

“We are exposed to a whole host of bacteria during our day. By not showering, these bugs will remain on your skin and leave you at risk of developing different types of infections, including skin and chest infections.”

Here are just a few examples of why we should bathe.

Good Vs. Bad Bacteria


Believe it or not, some bacteria is good for your body. But it's important to get the bad guys away from your body, so showering accomplishes that.

Cleaning your body also regulates the ratio between the good stuff and the bad stuff, so any day you don't do that upsets the human apple cart a bit. And what if some of that bacteria is not only bad, but actually harmful to you? It's something to consider.

First Of All, How Did This Guy Get a Mask

Giphy | Robert E Blackmon

Germs can make you sick, obviously, so wiping those off your plate, body-wise, always seems like a smart choice, especially considering there's a pandemic going on.

Here's what Dr. Muhammad says about it:

“By not washing, you are more likely to have a number of different bugs on your hands and face.

This puts you at risk of developing a cold or infection as bugs may be present and can leave your body fighting off their effects.”

Maybe you traveled somewhere and picked up a virus (doesn't have to be coronavirus, and we hope it's not). But anyway, taking a shower or bath will erase the germs that were sitting on your body. Rinsing those germs down the drain can obviously prevent them from getting you sick.

Fun Fact


Who wants to smell? Most people probably prefer to smell fresh and clean. That's usually how people hook up, have dinner together, and basically co-habitate.

Bustle writes that body odor isn't always from sweat, but from the gases given off by bacteria in your body. The gases make an odor because the bacteria is eating body protein and fatty acids.

Get thee to a tub.

Clean Your Body, Mind and Soul


Dr. Edison de Mello is chief medical officer of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. de Mello says cleaning your body also can help cleanse your mental state, too.

"For your mental health’s sake, make sure you bathe enough to keep body odor at bay.

According to a 2015 study on relationship deal-breakers by Peter Jonason and colleagues, smelliness ranks among the top relationship deal-breakers."

We didn't need a study to tell us that.

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