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? Bob Ross Can Now Read You Bedtime Stories ?

By TheBlast Staff

Get ready for some happy little dreams because the sweet, soothing voice of Bob Ross can now read you a bedtime story.

Calm, a popular meditation and sleep app, has reworked three classic episodes of Ross' PBS show, "The Joy of Painting," and repurposed them "as calming bedtime stories for grown-ups."

Alex Tew, co-founder of Calm tells The Blast, “We’ve had so many Calm users asking us for a Sleep Story with Bob Ross. He was and still is a hero to the hard of sleeping.”

“Sleep Stories” is a feature in the Calm app that is "designed to lull restless adults to sleep." Who better to help us drift off to our happy little slumber than Bob Ross?

“Before there were Calm’s Sleep Stories, there was Bob Ross,” says Tew. “Now you can get both at once.”

So far one of Bob's sleep stories is available on the app and the other two are dropping over the summer.

Maybe the mellow voice of Bob Ross reminding us that “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents” is exactly what we need every night.

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