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Rapper Blueface Shows Off Damage After Baby Mama's Pooper Scooper Attack!

By Mike Walters

Rapper Blueface is showing off the damage inflicted by his baby mama after her pooper scooper attack at his home -- specifically his brand new Porsche!

In a new video, Blueface posted on Instagram, the rapper walks his fans through the garage to get a view of the damage his baby mama did to his sports car.

The video is brutal, and you can clearly see that not only did the metal scooper scratch the car's hood -- but it appears she may have stepped on the hood too!

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See The Damage To Blueface's Ride!


"She crip walked on it" the rapper can be heard saying in the video. He adds "not my baby" while laughing about the situation.

In the clip, it there appears to be footprints on the hood, along with several scratches in the paint.

As we reported, Blueface posted multiple videos this week of the mother of his child swinging a pooper scooper outside of his home and breaking several windows.

It is unclear what started the fight, but it appears she is locked out of the home -- and decides to start smashing the windows with the metal object.

Check Out The Video Of All The Damage...


At one point, the woman is seen walking over to the rapper's brand new black Porshe and hitting it with the scooper. In the video, you do not ever see her stand on the car -- but the scratches appear in the same location as the spot where she hit the car.

In the video, Blueface is laughing most of the time and says 'baby mama drama' while explaining why he is sharing the video.

Check Out The Damage!

Blueface's Baby Mama Smashes Windows With Popper Scooper!


As we reported, this isn't the first problem Blueface has had at his Los Angeles home -- just a few weeks ago -- several dancers brawled inside the house after an argument turned violent. In that case, Blueface again shared the video on his Instagram.

It's unclear if the police were called to the scene of yesterday's melee, but today, Blueface joked on Instagram about not liking his neighbors. We are guessing they are not his biggest fans!

Check Out The Video!

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