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Blac Chyna Says New 'Bombshell Evidence' PROVES She Did Not Attack Rob Kardashian

Gettyimages | Prince Williams
By Mike Walters

Blac Chyna is claiming she now has PROOF she never attacked Rob Kardashian and the new "bombshell evidence" comes from a DCFS interview where Rob himself says Chyna never hit him!!

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Blac Chyna says she has the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services turned over a 2016 report that included an interview with Rob Kardashian.

At the time, the DCFS conducted an investigation into the alleged violent incident between Rob and Chyna, and that included interviewing Rob Kardashian.

Chyna claims in the report, Kardashian ADMITS Chyna never hit him.

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Blac Chyna Claims Rob Told Investigators She 'Has Never Hit Him'

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In the filing, Chyna claims, "On April 15, 2020, Chyna’s counsel obtained copies of the Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS) reports from December 2016 and January 2017 relating the “anonymous” reports of physical abuse by Chyna against Rob."

It continued, "When questioned by DCFS on January 4, 2017 (just 3 weeks after Chyna’s alleged “violent attack”) about an “anonymous” report of domestic violence against Rob by Chyna, Rob replied that the allegations are “false” and “there is no domestic violence between [me] and [Chyna].”

Blac Chyna claims the DCFS report also contains this very important note by the investigators, “Specifically, Kardashian father stated mother [Chyna] has never hit him."

'Unaired' Reality Show Footage Allegedly Shows Kardashian With No Injuries

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

Blac Chyna claims this proves Rob Kardashian lied under oath claims she attacked him with a 6-foot metal pool, punched him in the face, and scratched him, causing visible injuries.

"The acquired new, bombshell evidence in further support...proving that Rob Kardashian perjured himself by testifying under oath that Chyna hit him in December 2016," the documents state.

As we reported, Rob Kardashian is suing Blac Chyna claiming in December of 2016, she attacked him hitting him with a metal pole, and "strangling" him with an iPhone cord. Kardashian also claims Chyan pointed a gun at his head and threatened to kill him.

So, Chyna claims Rob's admission to investigators that she 'never hit him' just weeks after the incident, is enough proof to toss out the lawsuit.

Blac Chyna's lawyers claim they have also obtained "unaired footage" from 'Rob & Chyna' Season 2 -- shot just one day after the alleged violent attack.

New Video Shot Just 'One Day' After Violent Incident

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In the filing, they say the video provides, "conclusive evidence that Rob had NOT sustained any physical injuries whatsoever. The unaired footage taken on December 16, 2016, provides thirty-eight (38) minutes of the highest quality, up-close footage of Rob’s face, neck, arms, and legs."

In the video, Chyna's team claims "No human being subjected to such an attack would appear the next day on video with no bruises, no bumps, no broken bones, no limping, no blood/scabs, no scratches, no cuts, and no marks. Yet, that is precisely how Rob appeared in the video on December 16, 2016."

Blac Chyna's Team Takes HUGE Shot At The Kardashians!

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In fact, they say "Rob is seen in the unaired footage for Season 2 of Rob & Chyna laughing with his friend and interacting with his dentist with absolutely zero sign of any physical injuries sustained one day prior from Chyna."

Blac Chyna's legal team also takes a SHOT at the Kardashian Family for supporting Rob's case, saying, "Like the Emperor in “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” Rob Kardashian and his family seem to think that if they repeat a lie often enough, everyone will believe it. While that may be true for the masses who devour celebrity gossip, this is a court of law where evidence of physical injury to Rob is required."

Rob Kardashian is suing Blac Chyna for over $700,000 in damages -- the lawsuit is ongoing.

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