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Blac Chyna's Friends Shannon Twins Believe Rob Kardashian & His Family Should Be Awarded Custody Of Dream

By Ryan Naumann

Blac Chyna’s former best friends, The Shannon Twins, are ready to testify for Rob Kardashian and believe 3-Year-Old Dream belongs with her father and the Kardashian family.

As The Blast first reported, Rob is currently attempting to strip Chyna of custody. He accuses her of being a bad mother who abuses drugs and is constantly drunk. He takes issue with her allegedly having strangers all the time and not maintaining Dream’s hygiene. Chyna has denied the allegations and recently called child services on Rob over alleged burns Dream received while in his custody.

Rob was denied his emergency motion seeking to change custody. The court is allowing him to continue fighting for primary custody but without an immediate decision.

We’re told Rob recently communicated with Chyna’s former best friends, Kristina & Karissa Shannon aka The Shannon Twins. The Blast obtained alleged text messages between Rob and Kristina Shannon. In the alleged messages, Rob writes, “That’s wild and yeah I learned the hard way but yeah I appreciate u hitting me and yeah she isn’t fit to be a mother with all the drugs she does and it’s just wrong.”

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The Blast

Kristina responded, “No problem I hope things work out for you and Dream. May Gods will be done in the situation! Xx.” He told her, “I do too. I might have my lawyer call u not today but to get info.”

The Playboy model said, “Ok no problem, what’s his name?” and Rob said, “It’s a girl. Her name is Elise.” Sources tell The Blast, Kristina & Karissa Shannon are ready to testify for Rob because they believe he is the best home for 3-year-old Dream. The twins believe Dream would be in better care with Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians. Kristina and Karissa think Rob has a better home because Kris monitors and it would be a safer environment since it “takes a village.”

They don’t believe Chyna’s home is a good environment for her daughter.


Kristina & Karissa Shannon were extremely close with Chyna for quite a bit. The three were inseparable during Chyna’s pregnancy with Dream. Sources say they claim Chyna had them sleep with her every night during the pregnancy and became possessive. We’re told Kristina & Karissa believe Chyna has a very bad temper that caused concern. Sources say they compared the temper tantrums to the alleged fit Chyna threw at Kylie’s house while living with Rob.

At one point, we’re told The Twins claim Chyna asked them to be sister wives with her and Rob and have kids together.


Sources say they admit having partied hard with Chyna and claim to have seen her do drugs. We’re told they believe they have information about Chyna’s behavior during her pregnancy that will be incredibly important to Rob.

The testimony could be key for Rob in his battle for custody. Chyna has denied allegations of drug abuse in the past.

Sources say Rob is working to set up a meeting between his lawyer and Kristina & Karissa Shannon. He is building his case before facing off with Chyna in court.

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