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Blac Chyna Claims She Receives NO Child Support From Rob Kardashian Or Rapper Tyga

By Mike Walters

Blac Chyna says not only is she a successful single parent, but she also receives NO child support from Rob Kardashian or rapper Tyga.

The reality star and model made the revelation during a recent interview with 'Hip Hop Nation,' where she was promoting her new music.

In the clip, Chyna asked about her biggest 'flex' since becoming famous and wealthy in the Entertainment business, and you will be surprised by her answer. In most cases, the answer is a house, a car, or something uber expensive that most people can't afford, but BC's got her own idea of flexing.

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Blac Chyna Gets ZERO Child Support From Tyga Or Rob Kardashian!


"What's probably one of the biggest flexes you've made? Of course, I've seen the whips, I've seen the cribs, I've seen, you know, I'm sure you've dropped the bag," Blac Chyna was asked by the interviewer.

She responded, "My biggest flex, I mean, just honestly, taking care of my kids by myself as a single parent, with no child support. So that's my biggest flex.

That's right, Blac Chyna says she currently receives ZERO child support from Tyga or Rob Kardashian!

The interviewer is stunned by the admission and presses, "Talk about it because they don't know. A lot of people may..."

She continued...

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"Yea, let's get into it, That's the biggest flex, when I be like, "I don't get no child support."

She added, "That's my biggest flex, wussup?"

As you would imagine, the amount of money that could be paid in both situations is a very large number. In California, child support is based on the yearly income of the parents and paid to the other accordingly. We are guessing both make a pretty penny with music and television.

Blac Chyna even jokes about the amount others are being paid or requesting, saying, "Yeah, I be seeing it and I'm like, "Damn."

The interviewer gave her props and said, "Wow and I think that's something that a lot of people did not even realize like Blac Chyna is going it on her own."

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Blac Chyna Makes MORE Money Than Rob Kardashian!


It's unclear why Tyga is currently not paying any child support for the ex-couple's child, but we did some digging, and Rob Kardashian's situation is very simple.

It turns out, Rob Kardashian and Chyna settled their child custody arrangement last year after the 'KUWTK' star said he was unable to pay the $20,000 a month he had paid in the past. At the time, he decided to quit the reality show, saying, "It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally and I have no desire to continue participating in the reality show. I would like to maintain my privacy, try to recover from the emotional damage of the past several months, and explore other business ventures.”

Plus, according to the documents, Blac Chyna actually makes MORE money than Kardashian, so technically a judge could order her to pay him!

Chyna just made an appearance in Tekashi 6ix9ine's new music video, and we are guessing she was paid handsomely for her services.


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