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Tae Bo Star Billy Blanks Says Richard Simmons Needed Time for Himself, Will Be Back Soon

By TheBlast Staff

Tae Bo master Billy Blanks says Richard Simmons is one of the people responsible for motivating him to become the star he is today, and he strongly believes the fitness guru turned recluse will soon be back in the public eye.

Blanks spoke to The Blast this week about some of his new fitness ventures, namely Boom Boxing and the upcoming Celebrity Sweat Tour.

During the conversation, Blanks spoke about some of his own fitness inspirations, including Richard Simmons, who has not made a public appearance since 2014.

Blanks is friends with Simmons, and says he was an "awesome guy to travel" with back in the day when they did fitness tours. He explains that he thinks Simmons became private after years of helping so many people without taking the time to take care of himself.

"When you don't see yourself anymore ... you lose yourself," Blanks explained. He added that he believes Simmons will make a comeback, and it could be soon.

Blanks also talked about what he's been up to since the Tae Bo days, and has just unveiled a new fitness phenomenon called Boom Boxing. Combining music and boxing drills, Blanks says he's taken actual technique work from iconic fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard.

He's also getting ready to kick off the Celebrity Sweat Tour, which stars July 27 in Chicago. The tour incorporates many of Blanks' workout regimens, and will feature appearances by stars like Jason Derulo and Shaq!

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