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Billie Eilish's Face Burned By Cigarettes In New Music Video, 'Xanny'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Billie Eilish may not be able to smoke but that did not stop someone from putting a cigarette out on the 17-year-old's face in her new music video for "Xanny."

The singer made her directorial debut for the video and the haunting tune from her celebrated album, "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" is made even more dramatic by the slow burn on the star's right cheek.

The video starts with Eilish sitting on a bench wearing an all-white outfit. The background and bench are also cream-colored and the singer's hair was blonde to match the scene. Just before the chorus of the song drops, Billie reacts to the pain of the burn and the act leaves her a little cross-eyed for a second or two.

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Celebs Love Billie

Giphy | AMAs

Billie shared a teaser to her Instagram and encouraged her fans to go watch it.

“xanny” VIDEO OUT NOW! DIRECTED BY MEEE😁 GO WAAAAATCH AND MAKE EVERYONE YOU KNOW WATCH," Billie wrote in the caption of her post.

Eilish has a devoted following of famous celebrities and some of them showed the star love on Instagram.

Lil Nas X commented that "xanny" was his "FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUMMM," while Lauren Jauregui said, "F**king love you."

Fans Feel The Burn

2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

About halfway through the video the cigarette floodgates open and multiple hands enter the viewer's field of vision and repeatedly burn the young star's face. Eilish reacts to the pain of each burn but never breaks character. Each cigarette leaves a burn mark and her face is covered with black scars by the end of the video.

Fans were stunned by the act and commented about Billie's first video that she directed. They found the burning to be fascinating and sounded off in the comments of the YouTube video.

"Billie: Hey Billie how many cigarettes you want in your face? Billie: Yes," one fan joked while another said, "billie: i dont need a xanny; also billie: but i do need to burn my face with cigarettes."

One fan was blown away and praised her artistic vision. The fan noted the lyrics, “Bring ashtrays to the table, and that's about the only thing they share,” before writing, "Literally Billie is the ashtray they share. Art."

Another fan was shocked by Billie's long locks and wrote, "Billie: has normal natural hair color; Me: It’s the end of an era,"

Is She For Boomers?


Earlier in the week, the internet went crazy over the fact that the 17-year-old did not know some very famous artists from before she was born.

She appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on November 22 and played a game with Jimmy Kimmel. The late-night talk show host said that he was 17-years-old in the year 1984 and asked her if she had ever heard of the musicians that topped the charts at the time.

She knew Madonna and Cyndi Lauper but was clueless about artists like Huey Lewis, and Run DMC. Fans were the most shocked by the fact that she had no idea who Eddie Van Halen was.

Many fans came to her defense after the outrage from all the "Boomers" and accused Jimmy of being one.

One user wrote, " There's a lot of boomer energy emanating from Kimmel😂," while another said, "I hate how the first thing he says to her is “I was listening to your album with my kids” like he won’t say he listens to it himself. Such a boomer tho."

A "Boomer" is a term used to describe older people that are known as "Baby Boomers" and has recently become a popular derogatory term used by the younger generations and online.

Everyone can enjoy the spectacle of the cigarettes being put out on her face.

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