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Ex-Wife of Bill Gross Gets Restraining Order Against Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager

By TheBlast Staff

The ex-wife of major hedge fund manager Bill Gross was just granted a restraining order against the billionaire after she claims he spent a ton of money to put her under "non-stop monitoring" and left grotesque items, like a dead fish, in the air vent of her home.

Gross filed an emergency request for protection after she claims her ex-husband sent guards to put her and her family under constant surveillance for nearly a year. Sue Gross calls the ordeal "an unmitigated nightmare."

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Sue claims Bill Gross shelled out nearly $1 million over the course of nine months to have a security company photograph and videotape his ex-wife. She claims he even went so far as to send guards to the homes of her family members.

In the documents, Sue Gross described Bill as a "cruel, vengeful and vindictive man with practically limitless financial resources."

The Grosses recently ended a particularly nasty divorce, parts of which were detailed in her recent request for protection. According to the docs, Sue needed the court's assistance to remove Bill from their Laguna Beach mansion, which she claims he left in disgusting conditions.

According to Sue, the home was in "utter chaos" with foul smells seemingly stemming from "empty spray bottles of 'puke' smell, and 'fart' smell in the garbage."

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She also claims there were foul items left in the home like "balls of human hair in the drawers" as well as "dead fish and dirt stuffed into the air vents."

Sue Gross was spotted today at the courthouse looking calm and collected with her powerhouse attorney, Laura Wasser.

Bill Gross is one of the best known and biggest names in finance. He is the co-founder of Pimco, a hedge fund valued at nearly $300 billion and he managed the fund until was ousted from the company in 2014 after allegations surfaced that he was an abusive boss.

Recently, things have been rocky for the billionaire and his finances have taken a massive tumble in the market.

The parties will be back in court for a hearing in July.

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