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Bill Cosby Tweeted That He's 'America's Dad' And The Internet Wasn't Having It

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By Clark Sparky

Bill Cosby refuses to logoff. Or at least whoever is running his Twitter account while he's in jail refuses to. Many suspect it is his wife, Camille, doing the tweeting. Whoever is doing it wrote a real doozy on Sunday, which happened to be Father's Day.

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America's Dad?!

There were two tweets from Cosby's account, both of which referenced him as "America's Dad."

A Bit Of A Stretch


Considering Cosby has been accused by over 60 people of various forms of assault and was convicted of aggravated indecent assault last year, calling him "America's dad" seems a bit unfitting.


The Internet was having none of this nonsense, calling this the work of Satan himself.

Big Day For The Devil

This coupled with OJ Simpson joining Twitter made for a banner weekend for the devil.

How About Don't?

Cosby's best move would probably be to serve his time -- 3-to-10 years -- quietly and stay off the social media.


It would be great if this was a parody account, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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