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Bill Cosby Warns Harvey Weinstein About Accusers Getting 'Second Bite of the Apple' After Global Settlements

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein was able to negotiate a global deal to reach settlements with women who accuse him of sexual misconduct, but imprisoned comedian Bill Cosby has seen this play out before and is explaining that, in his situation, the judicial system did not give a pass.

It was reported this week that Weinstein and the former board of The Weinstein Company reached a tentative deal for $44 million to settle multiple civil lawsuits against him, as well as with the New York State attorney general.

Weinstein is still facing a criminal trial, where he has been accused of sexual violence, but sources close to his legal team tell The Blast they believe this is a huge win because it will be harder for the prosecution to line up additional testimony from accusers who have settled.

We're told that, more than likely, the settlements will include some sort of confidentiality agreement which would bar any of the women from discussing their allegations, and would most likely prevent their cooperation with the prosecution.

Cosby previously made the same move when he settled with Andrea Clonstand for $3.38 million in 2006 as part of an out-of-court settlement. She later broke their agreement when she agreed to pursue criminal charges against Cosby.

Bill Cosby tells The Blast, "I was given a promise, waived my 5th Amendment Rights and settled out of court with Andrea Constand for $3.8 million dollars," but the disgraced comedian adds, "She was able to get a second bite of the apple, please tell me - is this Un-American or not?"

Many people online have drawn similarities between Weinstein being given the ability to seemingly work the system, while Cosby sits behind bars. Memes have even been circulating claiming the treatment Cosby received is unfair compared to Weinstein's ability to continue to remain a free man.

Cosby has also noticed, and says, "Good that Mr. Weinstein has an ethical judge, who rules based on the law, not personal agenda and/or political aspirations."

For his own situation, however, he adds, "My lynchers, Judge O’Neill and Kevin Steele, have shown the true color of their uniforms, A White Sheet."

Cosby has been petitioning to be released from custody at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania, but to no avail. Like many other critics of his case, the comedian feels there is an effort to "take down every Black successful man in these United States."

The news of Weinstein's settlements was first revealed as part of his ongoing bankruptcy case, and the full impact they will have on his criminal case has yet to be seen.

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