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Bill & Camille Cosby Applaud Robert F. Smith for Morehouse Graduation Donation

By TheBlast Staff

Robert F. Smith caught the attention of the world when he announced the intention to pay off the student debt for the entire graduating class of Morehouse College. He also caught the attention of Bill and Camille Cosby.

Camille tells The Blast, "I was excited to read how this Giant Of A Man [Mr. Robert F. Smith] vowed to pay off Morehouse Class Of 2019’s student loans. It’s due time that more wealthy African-Americans take up this mantle, that was truly started by non-wealthy, non-educated Blacks, who understood that education meant freedom."

She added, "Education gives you permission to pass through the gates, even when a sign says Do Not Enter."

The Cosbys have a special place in their heart for Morehouse, as it was the college attended by their late-son, Ennis Cosby.

Bill, who made a $3 million donation to Morehouse a few years back, tells The Blast, "I salute Mr. Robert F. Smith; he has just reached one step closer to finding a cure for America’s deadly diseases, by funding education." He added, "earning is contagious; I’m a living witness on the inside of this institution [SCI Phoenix]," and, "Mrs. Cosby and I are smiling with our son, Ennis."

Bill has also been giving back, while serving time in prison, and has been mentoring inmates as they near the end of their sentence and prepare to re-enter society.

We're told the comedian holds 15 "Man Up" mentoring sessions each month, and is schooling the convicts on ways to thrive outside of prison while becoming responsible fathers, sons, brothers and uncles.

He also encourages them to attend classes and receive an education or learn a trade to be able to get a job once they are released.

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