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Season 2 of 'Big Little Lies' Is Over But We'll Always Have Renata Klein

By Daniel Goldblatt

Whether or not you liked season 2 of "Big Little Lies," every fan of the show can agree on one thing: Renata Klein is the queen.

Yes, Meryl Streep was great and Nicole Kidman went toe-to-toe with her in every courtroom scene, but Laura Dern's performance is the one that has us all wanting to come back as Renata in next our life.

Renata gave us so many meme-able moments this season, it was almost hard to keep track.

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Giphy | Big Little Lies

And she inspired everyone to be more assertive.

Giphy | Big Little Lies

And always speak your mind.

Giphy | Big Little Lies

She's really what we all aspire to be.

Giphy | Big Little Lies

But Renata reached her apex when her husband, who has not exactly been a solid partner this season, told her to "calm down" after he revealed he got to keep his precious train set as the couple lost everything.

Giphy | Big Little Lies

And she went OFF.

Giphy | Big Little Lies

And to say people were thrilled to see Renata give Gordon what he deserved would be an understatement.

And with season 3 looking likely, perhaps Renata can adopt an even more aggressive approach for next season.

Dern posted a short message on her Instagram page on Sunday night, which leads us to believe she enjoys playing Renata just as much as we enjoy watching her.

"No greater joy than working with, and finding family, with these extraordinary women," she wrote. "And thank you, Renata, for giving me more fun than I could’ve imagined. Finale tonight. #BLL2"

Giphy | Big Little Lies

So whether or not you think the show has enough plot left for a season 3, we can all agree that if it brings us more Renata ... it can't be all bad.

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