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Betty White Still 'Occasionally' Sips On A Vodka Martini At Age 98!!

Gettyimages | Angela Weiss
By Mike Walters

Betty White is thriving at 98-years-old and even has the occasional vodka martini when she feels in the mood!

According to a new report, the 'Golden Girls' actress is quarantined inside of her Los Angeles home and says she is "blessed with incredibly good health,' but still enjoy's a cold cocktail!

Betty, best known for her famous roles in 'The Golden Girls' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' is spending the time under self-isolation doing what she loves most...reading the newspaper.

Plus, you have to hear what the 98-year-old actress drink and eats when she decides to indulge!!

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The 98-Year-Old Actress Still Enjoy's A Vodka From Time To Time!

I'm blessed with incredibly good health," the actress told Closer Weekly. Adding, "That's something you appreciate a lot."

So what does she do in her downtime, "She reads the L.A. Times cover to cover," a friend told the magazine. He continued, "She owns literally thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her mind jumping. This is really serious with her."

The best part -- Betty will sip the occasional Vodka Martini when she feels like it and likes to snack on hot dogs and french fries!

Now, that sounds like a party!

Hot Dogs & French Fries? Now, That's A Party!


As you can imagine, many people have reached out to representatives for the actress to make sure she is doing OK during the outbreak of Coronavirus.

'Betty is fine,' a rep for the actress told the Today Show.

So what else is she doing during these challenging times? According to her team, "she attempted playing Scrabble with friends over Zoom, but is missing her game nights, her friend said. No one is allowed inside her home except those helping her. Also, the actress has "made friends with a pair of ducks who regularly visit her backyard and "waddle up to her glass door" to say hello."

There's more...

'Golden Girls' Actress Is Quarantined Inside Of Her L.A. Home


"Betty's message to the world is to slow down and enjoy what you have: family, friends, your pets," a friend told Closer.

As for the awesome revelation that she still enjoys a cocktail once and a while, “Betty loves to joke that vodka keeps her young," her friend said.

He continued, “She loves the image of her sitting at home in a rocking chair, drinking a martini and watching game shows, but she’s not really a big drinker. That’s not her. She’ll only take a few sips of a cocktail if the occasion calls for it.”

Either way, raise your hand if you would LOVE to have a Martini with Betty White?!

Yes, Please!

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