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Article Announcing Betty White's Death Exposed as Fake News

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant
By Natalie Hunter

Every now and then, a new article proclaims the beloved 97-year-old actress as dead. This time reported that White "dyed peacefully in her home." The headline, verbatim, reads, "Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angles Home." Yes, you read that right. The headline announced that she had "dyed." Twitter user @antoinette_news responded humorously, "Is she tie-dying a blouse? If you're going to try to misleadingly kill off legend Betty White, learn to spell mate. #bettywhite #FakeNews." Additionally, they took nearly 5 years off of her life although she'd most likely not complain about that slip-up. She will be turning 98 in January


CBS exposed the article as being fake news and reported as a trolling site explaining, “A disclaimer on the site reads: ‘Our website and social media content uses only fictional names, except in cases of public figures and celebrity parody or satirization.’” HollywoodLife reached out to Betty White to double-check that the reports are false so we can fall asleep soundly at night. A HollywoodLife representative confirmed that White is “alive and very well.” To everyone's relief, Betty White is thriving as usual.


She spent her 97th birthday this past January playing poker with her friends and gallivanting about Beverly Hills feeling happier than ever. Betty is known for her iconic roles like Rose in "Golden Girls," Sue Ann in "The Mary Taylor Moore" show, and Betsy in "The Love Boat." Some fans were angered and unsettled by the false news of White's passing. @Alexanasta_ tweeted, “False alarm over Betty White’s death has genuinely made me light-headed. Protect her. Do not make me hurt like this unnecessarily."


There were many more outcries of “Saw a hoax about Betty White passing away & it almost broke my heart," and “Aye mane stop playing with Betty White like that! Y’all had me scared of a min.” Other fans rejoiced that Betty White is still going strong tweeting, “Why would anyone make up that Betty White had died. So glad it’s not true.” @Ariel_CWilliams decided to celebrate by watching one of White's greatest works, "I got on Twitter to verify if Betty White truly left us. It is with great pleasure that I report she has not! Don't try me like that again. resumes watching Golden Girls." Luckily, thanks to her good health; which she credits to vodka, hot dogs, and positivity; Betty White won't be leaving us for a long time.

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