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Beth Chapman Eulogized by Shannon Tweed, Co-Stars During Funeral

By Gary Trock

Dog the Bounty Hunter was front and center during the Colorado memorial service for his late wife, Beth Chapman, as friends shared their memories of the late star.

Services are underway at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, where hundreds of family, friends and fans have gathered to pay their last respects to Beth.

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The services began with songs of prayer, and an introduction by the pastor, who also acknowledged he was a fan of Dog and Beth.


The pastor welcomed some of Beth's friends to speak, including longtime "Dog's Most Wanted" co-star, Rainy Robinson.

Robison gave a heartfelt tribute to Beth, and described Beth as "her own timezone, her own zip code and her own area code."

She also said Beth was the "only friend I could kiss on the cheek and want to shank at the same time."

Shannon Tweed took the stage next, and while holding back tears, sang some lyrics from Billy Joel's "She's Got A Way."

Tweed, who was BFFs with Beth, said "we came from nothing, her and I," adding that, "we spotted what we wanted, we waited and we got it," referring to their husbands.

She said "we both ended up with these larger than life men," and that "she gave me some sage advice about my situation," referring to her long relationship with Gene Simmons before getting married.

Tweed laughed and admitted Beth could, "throw me like a rag doll."

She also spoke on the last days with Beth, and how tough it was to see her friend grow so weak.

Next to speak was Beth's daughter, Bonnie Chapman.

Bonnie spoke on how hard it will be to walk down the aisle in the future without her mom by her side, but was comforted knowing how much she impacted other people's lives.


Dog and Beth's son, Gary Chapman, had trouble coming up with the words, and expressed his deep sorrow for not being able to speak to his mother any longer.

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Dog took the stage and couldn't hold back emotion while talking about first meeting Beth.

"Bethy! you see this Bethy!" Dog exclaimed while staring up at a photo of his wife.

"She chewed people out real good, and I'm one of them, because she wanted them to know what happened if they got on the dark side," he explained.

"I cannot believe she's gone!" he lamented, and then explained that Beth promised to land him a reality show before she died, which she did on WGN America.

He said during the last weeks of her life, she was by his side while filming their show, "Dog's Most Wanted," and it was exactly what she wanted.

Dog said he loves his wife so much, that "I'd do 5-10 years just to kiss her again."

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