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Bella Thorne Celebrates Her Sexy Long Hair In Steamy Shower Video

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Thorne revealed how proud of herself she is for growing her hair long in a sexy shower scene. The star expressed how she was forced to cut her long locks for a movie and she felt "insecure" ever since.

Thorne shared a video to her Instagram that featured the 22-year-old showering and letting the water flow through her hair as she shows off for the camera. She covered her exposed top with one arm and used her free hand to tease and wash her fragile follicles.

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Wet And Wild


Bella opened up about how her short hair affected her self-confidence and self-image in a long statement that she included with the sultry video.

"In August of last year my hair was cut up to my neck and shoulders for a movie...and it seemed like it wasn’t growing back...but now look how long it is!! I just did bleachless, heatless, and most importantly extensionless!! except for right now currently while my hair is green on another movie. I have wanted my hair to grow back long again, ever since I was on shake it they cut it real short one day.. and then put in extensions to match it back to its original took me a very long time to not feel insecure with out exts or heat or whatever...but now look at how long it is. I’m so proud ❤️."

Her Millions Of Follicle Fans


Bella's millions of followers quickly fell in love with the shower video and the star's new long locks but nobody is happier about her self-confidence boost than her boyfriend, Italian pop star Benjamin Mascolo.

"I love touching your hair 🥰," Mascolo wrote in the comments section of her shower video.

Her fans also found their hair inspiration now that Bella has got her groove back.

"This is motivation to all you ladies out there that don’t think you can restore your hair, Bella did it, so can you," one excited fan wrote while another said, "Girl, you look good in any sort of way. Its the inside that counts that shines through the outside, in every way you look ☺️."

Of course, her fans sounded off with comments like, "U look so hot 🔥," and "You look gorge gurl. With hair any length!!!" but there is always at least one hater.

"As long as you don’t have armpit hair," the hater commented when referencing Bella's natural look.

Why Is Bella So Happy?


Bella is feeling better now that her hair has grown back but that is not the only reason she is celebrating.

Last week, the star shared a revealing string bikini picture that celebrated that special time of the month.

"I woke up with my period and this is how excited I am 😐," Thorne wrote in the caption of her post.

While some fans thought that was a little TMI, her boyfriend seemed to celebrate the occasion as well.

Mascolo left a smiling face covered in hearts emoji 🥰 and said, "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life," in the comments section of the social media post.

The long hair is something all of her fans can celebrate without diving too far into Bella's personal life.

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