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Bella Thorne Bloodied After Bringing 'Tampon' Into the Ocean

By Chad Weiser

Bella Thorne just learned a valuable lesson about trying to teach an old dog new tricks ... especially when it comes to swimming.

The 21-year-old actress has been making the rounds lately with the release of her new book "Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray" but today she decided to take a much need break with her puppy, Tampon.

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Bella and her Australian Shepard were seen cooling off in the ocean in Miami when Tampon seemed to get a little rough with the the young actress and climbed all over her.

In the pictures you can clearly see Bella struggling as the puppy tries to keep out of the water, causing some major scratches to the "Midnight Sun" star's flawless body.


Thorne's chest was beat red and covered with claw marks as she walked out of the water.

The star looked great, other than the puppy scratches, while sporting a tiny pink Dior bikini covered in cherries.

Adding to her look, Bella wore a bunch of necklaces, a diamond incrusted watch and a beaded bracelet.

The "Shake It Up" star posted an up close and personal shot of her wounds, showing off just how much damage Tampon caused.

She has been making the press rounds as of late and recently opened up about her complicated relationship with her mother, Tamara, during a sit down interview with Keke Palmer for Monday's episode of Sarah And Strahan.

The actress/author emotionally revealed how she wished her mother did things differently growing up, telling Palmer 'I wanted acceptance. I wanted appreciation and love for who I was.'"

She also appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" and talked about her life being an open book.

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