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Bella Hadid Worships The Sun In Teeny Greeny Bikini

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Hadid is soaking it all in while avoiding those large, pesky tan lines.

The 23-year-old model showed off her amazing smile on Thursday when she shared her revealing selfies. Bella made sure she got her daily dose of Vitamin D by wearing the skimpiest 2-piece suit we have ever seen. Her self-cut bangs hung down her face as the rest of her brunette hair was pulled back in a tight pony.

Her bikini’s color matched the shrubbery behind the star and it perfectly contrasted with the blue sky.

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No More Big City


Hadid’s fans were more than thrilled with her sunny snaps and sounded off in the comments of her post.

"yesss bella green is DEFINITELY your color,” one sycophant wrote, while another said, “i love uuuuuuuu i miss uuuu i wanna squeeze uuuu.”

She's generally a big city girl but she has been staying at her farm that is located out in the middle of nowhere. Bella has been living the slow life and has been hanging out with all her new friends... horses and goats.

Down On The Farm

When you got it, flaunt it and she definitely does that now that she's gone full farm girl. She pushed the boundaries of what’s acceptable on Instagram earlier this week when she was feeling herself in some fancy barn pics.

"The Farm girl next door had some time .... @diormakeup ☘️," she captioned her sultry pics.

One fan asked the most important question, "Did your shirt shrink in the dryer? 😉"

Life's better down on the farm... especially if Bella's there.

G Tree Hugger


Green seems to be the color of Bella’s energy recently because she has been on a major giving back to the earth kick. Last month, she got a little frisky while planting tons of lavender plants. It’s clear that she is super, super into Mother Nature.

"We finally re-Planted our 1500 lavender babies😇Proud❤️," she captioned her nature-loving shenanigans.

She must be at peace while working with her hands, plus, there were a bunch of crystals there. Swiper her post below to catch some of her positive vibes.

Love The Earth

Her green mission started back in November of 2019 when she pledged to plant trees to help counteract her carbon footprint. She admitted that traveling causes a lot of pollution and that is an unavoidable part of her profession.

"Donating 600 trees to be planted , 20 for each flight I took these past 3 months and probably will continue for the rest of the year.It makes me sad how much my job effects my carbon footprint and of how brutally climate change is obviously effecting the world. Mother Nature needs some love...🌳🌼🌜," she wrote at the time.

Beautiful with a good heart!

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