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She Bangs! Bella Hadid Shows Off Tight Tummy In Orange Top With No Bra After She Cut Her Own Hair

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Hadid is a model with many talents!

The 23-year-old flaunted her toned midsection as she showed off her at-home haircutting skills on Sunday. Bella sashayed for the camera to put her hard work on display and shared the results to her Instagram story. Hadid looked amazing in a tight orange top where most of the fabric was used in the long sleeves. She teased her fans with her flawless no-bra physique as she teased her bangs.

"I cut my bangs," she captioned her sultry videos. "Would you let me cut your bangs? Be honest."

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Totally Bangin'!


Bella has been considering cutting her own hair since she's been stuck at home like the rest of us. Earlier this week, she shared a screenshot from a FaceTime call with celebrity hairstyles, Jen Atkin. She seemed to be getting a few pointers from the pro about how to cut her brunette locks without ruining her whole look.

"HAIR CUTS 101," she wrote over the screenshot.

It's kinda nice when you can consult one of the world's top stylists when you are just messing around at home.

Filter VS No Filter


Bella messed around with Instagram's popular filters to highlight her handiwork, as she is known to do. She pretended to be "shy" as she used the classic butterfly filter to draw attention away from her amazing body towards her fantastic face. She was also seen clowning around with a clown makeup filter that made us want to join the Insane Clown Posse just to get close to the pseudo-Juggalette.

Filters are fun but we prefer the all-natural Bella and her revealing clip proved that she is definitely all-natural... and a little cold.

Her First Victim


It didn't take long for Bella to find a volunteer victim. She recruited her friend Leah to let her practice on.

"Well Leah let me cut hers so whoever said 'No' Look at me now," she joked before calling Leah her "squirmiest client."

Leah quickly responded and Bella confessed that she is also her "most still client." She is Bella's "only client" now but as soon as she drops the addy, the line will be around the block. No cutting!

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