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Bella Hadid Bares Her Chest But Whites Out Nips For Sultry Shot

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Hadid is obviously satisfied with what she's working with (duh, she's a model) but she always plays by the rules and guidelines of social media.

The model was feeling herself on Wednesday when she posted a topless shot to her Instagram. Surprise, she looked absolutely fantastic and she teased her hair while teasing her millions of fans. Bella wore a baggy white dress shirt but left it unbuttoned so her followers could see her flat tummy and perky you know whats, however, she whited out her nips so she didn't violate Instagram's guidelines.

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'Homie Could Get It'


While Hadid held back on exposing herself fully, her followers did not hold back in the comments section of her post.

"Homie could get it," one female follower wrote, while another fan said, "Ma’am I need the unedited pic for science purposes of course."

Other fans thought Bella was purposely trying to mess with them.

"You want me dead 😜😍🔥," an enthusiastic follower commented.

"It's ok we see'em before," a follower assured her, which is true.

A follower was quick to point out that Bella "Had a flair for the dramatic🤷‍♂️" but we don't think anyone was mad at her.

She Loves An Open Shirt


Hadid is all about the open oversized long-sleeve shirt look and has hypnotized fans with her toned midsection before. Back in December, when it was cold pretty much everywhere, Hadid shared an entrancing video of herself posing in a white thong and her chic open shirt.

"Using u as my reflection.... Hypnosis," she captioned her video.

At this point, she may be confused about how clothes work but don't get us wrong, we are not complaining.

She Bangs


Bella totally bangs, we are talking about her hair of course. She shared a heavily filtered video to her Instagram that kinda showed off her new hairstyle. Hadid pretty much changes her hairstyle every day but that's just what happens when you are a model. The 23-year-old was also rocking bangs for the cover of Vogue Italia but she was very frizzy during that photoshoot.

We think most fans would agree that a stripped-down, natural Bella is the best Bella!

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