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Bella Hadid Leaves Little To The Imagination With Hypnotic Pose

By Jeff Mazzeo

You are getting very sleepy excited!

Bella Hadid may be confused about how clothes work but don't get us wrong, we are not complaining. The 23-year-old model shared a video that caused her followers to go into a trance on Monday to her Instagram. Bella was seen posing in a tiny bikini bottom and a jean jacket that barely covered anything up top.

"Using u as my reflection.... Hypnosis @raveena_aurora ✨🧚🏼‍♀️🔮👼🏽," Bella wrote in the caption of her post while tagging a friend."

Keep scrolling to see the hypnotic vid.

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Her Famous Friends Are Impressed


We weren't the only ones that were stuck watching the short video clip over and over and some of her famous friends were caught in the loop as well.

Khloe Kardashian fell into Bella's thirst trap and commented, "OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍."

Her famous father, Mohamed Hadid wrote, "Love my Bella hadid," but we will let you decide if it is okay for dads to comment on their daughters thirsty posts.

Her fans were also very amused and joked with the star in the comments section of her post. "U are hotter than the bottom my laptop @bellahadid 🔥," one user wrote while another said, "Hey I’m epileptic thanks for the seizure."

She Loves Wearing No Top As A Top


She actually is quite fond of wearing her unbuttoned jean jacket as a top. Hadid came dangerously close to a nip slip earlier this month when she shared a stunning selfie wearing very little clothing. To be fair, Bella was wearing a shirt but it wasn't doing its job.

The model sure knows a thing or two about marketing because the purpose of her post was to promote her partnership with the Chrome Hearts clothing line. We are buying what she is selling!

More Than Just Her Looks


The model is much more than a pretty face and she cares deeply about the environment while acknowledging that her job has unavoidable consequences for the earth. That's why she decided to plant more trees to counteract her carbon footprint.

She posted a lengthy statement about donating more before 2019 is over.

"One more time before the year is over :) Donating 1000 trees to be planted , 100 for each flight I took in the past 3 weeks finishing my last few jobs. As we all know, Mother Nature always needs some love...🌳🌼🌜 last time around we donated to California and the Amazon for obvious reasons. This time I really felt the need focus on sending trees to Australia and to India, specifically Odisha. Not only have 12 million+ acres been burnt since September in Australia, still 100 fires are burning as we speak. The Koalas are going extinct, and some 480 million animals have been killed or taken out of their homes from the fires. 😡😤😓With this knowledge, we all need to put in lots of effort in 2020 to help save the koalas and improve the land in AUS! As for India, after Cyclone Fani hit in Odisha earlier this year, 1.2 million residents were evacuated, and 10 million trees were uprooted, taking away lively resources of 275 million people. Used for food, timber and fuel in their communities, it is important to help rebuild the trees that were taken by Cyclone Fani and help the people of India. psa....I’ve been trying to find a site that allows me to donate trees to the Sub-Saharan and the Congo Basin Forest. If anyone has any information on how to help those specifically? Let me know please 💚... so as said before, please let me know who needs to be shown some love as well , all regions welcome🙏🏽 Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America💛 growing, reading, and educating myself on the hardships that a good majority of the world is facing, but also still seeing the beauty of these remarkable places inspires me, and brings me a lot of sadness and joy, at the same time. I know it’s not a lot, but If anything, I hope you find inspiration in this to help the people+planet, but also find happiness within that. 💚 It is so interesting to me, and as I said before, even though I’m not physically there, trees are being brought to life in the most incredible places that are in demand of them! I love it. it’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the biodiversity and animal life we need..🐛🐜🦗 i can’t wait to do lifetimes more in 2020 💛🌿🌱🌳🌼🌼."

Keep up the good work, Bella!

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