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Bella Hadid's Chic No-Bra, See-Through Shirt Pic Makes Influencers Green With Envy

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's pretty safe to assume that Bella Hadid's favorite colors are green and see-through!

The 23-year-old model impressed her millions of fans and some of her influencer friends by sharing a series of photos that featured the star in a gorgeous outfit on Friday. Bella wore a very thin, form-fitting, white dress that she covered up with a fashionable, green trenchcoat and matching shades. While she was fully covered up, it was still very easy to see that the model was not wearing a bra.

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Flower Power


Hadid proudly showed off her bouquet of flowers that were conveniently positioned so that her pollen didn't get spread all over the internet. It's Bella's ability to combine her high-fashion looks and her sexuality while still not violating Instagram's code of conduct that really impresses her influencer friends and her sister.

"What’s her name- she cutie 🧚," Gigi Hadid commented.

Emily Ratajkowski sent her approval in the form of a fire 🔥 emoji, while another popular IG star called her, "Barbie."

Hairdresser to the stars, Jen Atkin wrote, "Wait this is amazing."

She Cooks Too!


Listen, we know that Instagram can sometimes glorify a fantasy but Hadid really seems like the whole package... or is she hardcore playing with our emotions?

Just yesterday she showed off her cooking skills by making a messy cheeseburger. Fans were quick to dub her the "Burger Queen" but we have a little issue with the way she pressed down her patties while they were on the grill. We could go on and on about why pressing isn't a great idea but it causes a lot of flavors to be lost to sum it up. Do you press your patties?

Farm Girl Style


What she lacks in the cooking department, she definitely makes up for it in the style department. Bella, who is normally a city girl, has been spending the last few months at an undisclosed farm in the middle of nowhere. She took the time to give back to Mother Earth and to mix up her city girl look for a high-fashion, farm girl style.

"The Farm girl next door had some time .... @diormakeup ☘️," she captioned her sultry pics.

Not sure her shirt is supposed to fasten like that but we are not complaining.

Green Really Is Her Favorite Color


While enjoying some sun while down on the farm, she proved that green is the color of her energy by posing in a teeny greeny bikini. This picture featured a lot less green fabric but her cute suit matched perfectly with the shrubbery. Her fans agreed that green works as her primary color.

"yesss bella green is DEFINITELY your color,” one sycophant wrote, while another said, “i love uuuuuuuu i miss uuuu i wanna squeeze uuuu.”

Plus, she seems to have a green thumb!

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